Airlift now

We know how to do it
why aren’t we?

Puerto Rico is the United States

After hundreds of years under the brutal yoke of the Spanish, Puerto Rico wanted its independence.

The US said “no” and backed that “no” up with the barrel of a gun.

So, like it or not, Puerto Ricans became US citizens. (US citizens without Congressional representation.)

100 years and billions of dollars of corporate looting later, Puerto Rico has been hit by a truly catastrophic storm that has destroyed its electric grid disrupting water and food supplies, not to mention medical and other essential services.

As of this writing, many rural town have still not been heard from. The situation is dire.

The problem: Unlike Texas, Florida or even Louisiana, Puerto Rico is an island and the whole island was hit. Immediate help from neighbors is not possible.

You can’t just load up a pick up truck and drive there with supplies. Or help drive people out.

We’ve got the planes. We’ve got the goods. What is the hang up?

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