Anthony Bourdain

Does it make sense?

A characteristically fast non-investigation

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Does it makes sense for a healthy man fully engaged with his friends and colleagues, his work, his family, and the world around him to spontaneously kill himself with no warning signs?

Did Anthony Bourdain have a high profile and a following of millions of people?

Clearly. And he had the most popular show on television by far in his time slot.

Did he attain his position by merit independent of climbing the slimy corporate entertainment/news ladder?

He came out of nowhere first with a great book, then with a talent for TV presenting, and then with the gift of being real in a world full of phonies.

Was he independent and outspoken?

Clearly. I imagine he felt beholden to no power interest.

Did he voice opinions that would anger and threaten the interests of people known to be and capable of committing violence?

He sure did. He supported the people of Iran and Palestine in defiance of a near total US news media blackout on any discussion of their humanity and directed pointed criticism at “ex”-Mossad operatives who are deeply involved in US politics.

Was he on a trajectory of becoming more outspoken and detailed in his criticisms regarding subjects these people find sensitive?

His tweet the month before he died making a link between a group of “ex”-Mossad agents working for both Hilary Clinton ally Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump (he was one of the few people to pay attention) shows that tendency.

We note that immediately after the announcement of Bourdain’s death, elements in the news media rapidly combed through what must have been hundreds of hours of video to find Bourdain saying anything that would indicate he had a problem with depression.

The only thing they came up with – and they found it supernaturally fast – was they quoted him saying that a bad hamburger at an airport depressed him for days. I found the original footage of this remark. It was on the Conan O’Brien show – and he was clearly joking.

People in the US with this profile have a strange habit of hanging themselves…

Or shooting themselves in strange ways…

Or running their cars into trees.

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The Israeli War Party feels it has the moral right to assassinate any individual who threatens its survival in any way.

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