Climate change and politics

The price of questioning the “consensus”

Dr. Judith Curry

Whenever there is a “consensus” and you’re not allowed to question – or you will face personal attack – question it.

Is the climate changing?

Our course, it always changes.

Is the cause fossil fuels?

The truth is no one knows.

Now here’s the key to the whole thing:

Are the multi-trillion dollar “solutions” that are being proposed likely to do any good? And who are they going to enrich?

Look, I think that every C-level energy company executive probably belongs in jail for all sorts of reasons and that the addiction to fossil fuels is a social, environmental and economical disaster.

But the bullying of scientists to drop their methodology and “accept climate change” like zombie-robots is appalling.

Many – as in thousands – of professional PhD-level climatologists feel there is no scientific justification for climate change hysteria, but they’re shouted down by all the usual subject in the media and politics, venal idiots whose only advanced study is in the science of talking about things they know nothing about with authority.

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