“First stop killing us”

Why are black and brown people so often the targets?

“Which side are you on?”

Carl Dix and Cenk Uygur attempt to answer the question as to why black and brown Americans are targeted so often by police throughout this country resulting in more mass incarcerations of their demographic than others and why so many are the victims of excessive police force resulting in too many cases of that force being lethal police execution.

The paradigm of exploiting cheap labor works exponentially against black and brown people because they are disproportionately at the lower rung of the employment ladder.

Unemployment, due to jobs being shipped to third world countries where labor is cheaper, work safety standards dangerously weaker, and governments more repressive in controlling their citizen-laborers, insures on our shores a shortage of these jobs that otherwise would be available to those lower income workers, predominantly Black and Latino working people.

An encroaching police state is the result of an economic order that marginalizes those who’ve been denied opportunity.

Perversely, the whole situation as been turned into a profit making “business” after the police have succeeded in meting out their control of the streets. It’s called the Private Prison Complex.

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