The 65th Annual Conference of Mayors. Fairmont Hotel: June 21, 1997

The first election fraud protest in San Francisco
since the 1800s

View from the Fairmont

These stills are from video out-takes the television news services chose not to use. The Examiner staged a shot for its front page over an hour before the protest was scheduled to begin. It showed neither the size of the crowd nor the heavy presence of police security around the hotel. (No Willie Brown, Jr. puppets either.)

“Voter Fraud Hurts Everyone”

This is the view from behind the police barricades. Click on the picture to see more detail. In addition the line of police in front of the hotel, there was a reserve force of approximately 50-75 stationed out of sight in Huntington Park on the other side of the Commonwealth Club.

“Election Cover-up: What’s to Hide?”

When the crowd reached its peak in size and noise, approximately 20 mounted police came from Huntington Park and occupied the space between the protestors and the hotel.

Who is this guy?

Moments after one speaker became very specific in her claims – refering to the 116 ballot boxes that were not delivered until after 11:30 PM – this man appeared from inside the hotel and got into a grim and focused discussion with the officer in charge. The protest dispersed peacefully a half hour later according to schedule.