Fleecing the flock

Endless fallout from the Catholic Church child abuse scandal

With some garden variety larceny thrown
in for good measure

This story is from 2011. My understanding is that this group won and protected their church from arbitrary closing and have one service there every Sunday.

We all know why the Catholic Church is closing schools and churches all over the US.

The news calls it a “financial crisis.” Right.

Here’s the reality: The Catholic Church has countless millions of dollars in liabilities because it was more important to the hierarchy to protect abusers of children than to do the right thing.

But there is more to this twisted story than that. Apparently the local bishops have dollar signs in their eyes and see closing these churches as a way to line their own personal piggy banks.

Here are the cops, doing the ONLY thing cops can reliably counted on to do: 1) protecting big bucks evil doers and 2) acting like thugs and bullying the public.

Here’s the thieving bishop: “It’s been a process and we’ve tried to involve the people as much as possible in it.” In other words: “Screw them. We’re going to do what we’re going to do.”

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