Government Lying 101

US Government Tips the Scales

I saw it on the news, so it must be true

You remember the story. It was repeated on the news until we were numb in the ears. Hill and Knowlton Inc, a P.R. firm hired by Citizens for a Free Kuwait to the tune of $10,7 million, coached the acting of several people. The most famous of these was Nayirah al-Sabah, a relative of the Kuwaiti royal family and a daughter of the Kuwait ambassador. Nayirah’s acting role was as a Kuwaiti citizen who escaped the Iranian invasion after her volunteer work at a Kuwaiti hospital.

She played her part so convincingly, that George Bush and his constituents (US citizens) rallied themselves in agreement with an attack on Iraq in 1990. To bad her American accent outweighed her Kuwaiti accent.

The original lie coverage always outweighs its recanted, corrected version.

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