Granddad Bush: Nazi buddy

Cold war rant

“Refugees from behind the Iron Curtain”

Fascinating stuff.

George Prescott Bush – the granddad of Baby Bush and dad of Bush Sr. – on TV in 1954 ranting about progress in the Cold War and subversion at home.

Funny, given that he was a banker and money launderer for the Nazis before, during and after WW II. It’s hard to get more subversive than that.

The Cold War was, of course, a money and power grab by government psychopaths, not unlike today’s bogus War on Terror which his grandson led.

Among the “refugees from behind the Iron Curtain” Bush refers to were thousands of Nazis who were given a new life in the US by a program created by the Dulles brothers. Bush was well aware of this fact since he was personally involved in the money laundering aspects of this operation.

Letting this guy get away with his crimes – he was indicted – was a huge mistake. He was a traitor pure and simple – but so were a lot of other powerful people in the US at the time.

Granddad Bush is documented to have had multimillion dollar financial dealings with Nazis up through and including 1951.

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