Binders Full of Flim Flam

Mitt Romney: International Man of Mystery

Don’t worry, be happy

It’s amazing what the new media ignores (or forgets).

Romney won’t reveal his tax returns?

No problem.

Bain Capital is a TOTALLY different company from the widely respected Bain & Company which Romney worked for and essentially stole the name of?

No problem.

Bain Capital managed a 150%++ average annual return for ten years running making money in ways they won’t talk about?

No problem.

Romney is Bush Sr. and Cheney’s choice for President?

No problem.

Romney’s money man at Bain was an USAID school teacher who just happened to know lots of deep pocketed Central Americans who funded Bain through complex Panamanian corporate structures and bank accounts?

No problem.

Thirty years ago…

Bush Sr’s involvement with drug dealing was common knowledge

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