How a nerve poison became “food”

The story of Aspartame

Lessons to be learned

If you can’t watch the whole video, here are the major points of the video:

1. Aspartame, which is sold under a wide variety of names as a zero cal sweetener, is a neurotoxin.

2. It’s in literally thousands of package food products including but not limited to diet soft drinks, candy, and chewing gum.

3. The science is, and has always been, clear: this is not a substance safe for human consumption

4. Nonetheless the corporate-controlled governments of Europe and the United States permit it to be used by food manufacturers

5. If you want to protect your own health and in particular the health of children who have growing nervous systems, you won’t purchase these products, consume them, or have them in your house.

Spread the word because the news media is going to do it for us and the government cannot be counted on to do the right thing.

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