US Government Protects Vaccine Manufacturers

Guess who always wins in “Vaccine Court?”

Pharmaceutical Industry Shadow Government

This is a very important case.

Drug companies want to be free from any and all liability for injuries created by their products.

If you want justice in these cases, you have to go to a special “vaccination court.”

The government, including the Obama administration, backs the drug companies against the public.

“These cases are hard to prove.”

Autism rates have sky-rocketed since the US mandated vaccination rates that are more than double what they were 30 years ago. Obvious cause and effect.

“Who polices these vaccines?”

The FDA? The CDC? Note that not even the Supreme Court could get a straight answer to this very simple question.

Bottom line:

1. Avoid all vaccines, especially patent nonsense like “flu shots.” Realize that if there is a problem with a vaccination, YOU will bear ALL the costs and responsibilities yourself without recourse.

2. Never allow doctors to shoot up young children with multiple vaccines on the same day

3. Never bring a child for so-called vaccination when he or she is obviously sick or run down.

Click here for info about the very real dangers of childhood vaccines:

The vaccination cover up

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