How did this BS become a story?

I smell a PsyOp

A complete and utter clown

First, who is this joker and why was any attention paid to him at all?

If the media didn’t cover him, he, in effect, would not exist – and yet, the news media gave him more attention than Britney Speaks at the height of her fame.


The mainstream news media is expert at NOT covering stories. It’s one of the few things they still do well.

For example. try to get them to cover the details of fraud on Wall Street, in the so-called food industry, in the so-called health care industry…good luck!

So what was all this about?

1. A massive distraction from real news
2. A deliberate provocation of Muslims in an attempt to stir violence somewhere
3. Incitement of the too-large population of mentally deranged Americans who actually think like this nut

The media which is controlled by the military-industrial complex manufactured this story out of thin air – and you better believe that it was done for a very specific reason.

Given their ongoing need to justify the infliction of murder and mayhem on the people of Southwest Asia, this story was custom made to order.

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