“Informants” and other human garbage

Accused of undermining New Orleans relief efforts

Meet Brandon Darby

The FBI loves sociopaths – and luckily for them – there are a lot of them out there.

This one, Brandon Darby, showed up in New Orleans after the federal levee failure where he inserted himself into a grassroots relief group called Common Ground.

According to the group’s co-founder, Malik Rahim, Darby actively worked to undermine the group’s bio-remediation program, literally running off volunteer scientists and technicians thus destroying the program.

To Common Founder quote Rahim: “Brandon Darby caused the death of more people in the aftermath of Katrina than the hurricane itself.”

Common Ground was and is an amazing relief group, possibly the most important one in the immediate post-levee failure relief efforts

Why did the FBI support Darby’s effort to undermine such an important grassroots effort?

It is possible they didn’t want the world to fully appreciate the true extent of the damage to the city after the levee failures, not just deaths and destroyed properties, but land and housing inundated by bio-hazards.

Now Brandon Darby poses as a “Leftist who saw the light” and makes his money speaking on the lunatic right wing circuit.

Rahim’s comments about Darby here:


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