“It’s not safe to be a whistleblower in the US”

Glenn Greenwald on the NSA, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden

Wide ranging interview: Must listening

He’s an American journalist, but only a UK paper, The Guardian, will carry his stories.

He’s a Constitutional lawyer who understands the seriousness of the issues at at hand.

As we predicted as the “threats” were broadcast all over the news, US embassies and US citizens in North Africa and the Middle East were under no special threat.

The threats were a farce much like the elevated terror threats that the Bush administration issued every time it was in trouble.

Same game, different Party.

The not-so-funny joke is even if these threats were real and even if they’d been detected by the geniuses at the NSA, this has nothing to do with the blanket surveillance of US citizens by the NSA.

Further, the Congressmen most supportive of the NSA’s “need” to spy on American citizens (in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment) are often huge recipients of campaign contributions from the contractors who profit massively from building and running these systems. Remember: Over 50% of all US intelligence gathering is done by private corporations.

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