Johns Hopkins helping cook up the variant scare

Bottom line: Their target is children


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A review of where we are, where we’ve been – and where we’re going.

Plus an investigation into who cooked up the variant story and how it’s being used.

The speakers: Paul Rothman (left) CEO of Bill Gates controlled Johns Hopkins and Bill Moss (right) Pharma operative.

Here’s the full video with all the background

Note: Fauci and Gates started pushing the variant bullshit as soon as the vaccines were launched. It;s called the “salami technique.” Example: Tell people they have to shut down for two weeks – then stretch it out to 18 months. Tell people they need to get a shot. Then tell them, they need booster shots. This is pure con artistry.

The original link: Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci talk regularly now

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Date: August 20, 2021

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