Karen Silkwood – Murdered whistleblower

An excellent summary of what happened

Starts slow and then it gets deep

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On this day in 1974, whistleblower Karen Silkwood was driven off the road and killed.

Little known fact:

Her body was removed from the crash scene and taken to an undisclosed location where her brain and internal organs were removed under the direction of Kerr-McGee and the Atomic Energy Commission.

On the way to present evidence about malfeasance to a New York Times reporter about a Kerr-McGee operated nuclear power plant, Silkwood’s car was driven off the road and she was killed.

Who did it?

Later, agents of Kerr-McGee admitted they ran her off the road “but didn’t intend to kill her.”

We know that the Highway Department of the State of Oklahoma was involved.

They engaged in a massive cover up including repaving the highway where the accident occurred a week later to obscure the evidence.

Employees of Kerr-McGee and the Atomic Energy Commission – with the assistance of the Oklahoma State Highway Patrol – were observed removing documents from the car in the garage where it had been moved to after the accident.

And then the CIA got involved and made sure what really happened never got reported.

Daniel Sheehan talks about the case. Starts slow and then it gets deep.

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