What Kennedy assassination researchers never talk about

Lyndon Jonson: The rabid Zionist in the White House

Free pass on Israeli nukes and the USS Liberty – and dead Kennedys

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1. Zionism is NOT Judaism.

They literally have nothing to do with each other.

2. Zionism was cooked up DECADES before WWII and the Holocaust by non-religious people.

3. Zionists were already propagandizing Americans in the 19th century

Some of the biggest fish they reeled in were Lyndon Johnson’s ancestors. LBJ was literally taught from an early age that Jesus could not return until “the Jews” (aka Zionists) had their own state in Israel – and he believed it.

Johnson was also a criminal who, as Kennedy’s Vice President, was close to indictment, saved only by Kennedy’s assassination.

Johnson benefited from JFK’s death, Israel benefited (and this film will show you exactly why) – and Lyndon Johnson was a foaming-at-the-mouth Christian Zionist.


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