Peak arrogance

These monsters literally think they can get away with this

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Scott Ritter estimates that about 85% of Israelis are in favor of the Israeli’s non-stop assault on Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

As a group, they have the same attitude towards Palestinians that apartheid era South Africans had towards Africans and “the only good Indian is a dead Indian” settlers had towards Native Americans.

Our criminal politicians, most of whom are bought by Israeli government bribes (which originate from the billions of dollars the US send to Israel), have the same opinion.

Recently, one of the army of professional Israel lobbyists was recorded telling a Muslim food vendor in NYC that the 4,000 children killed in Gaza was “not enough”.

ONE news outlet did a deep dive into this person’s career and it tells a lot about the people who work for the US government in diplomacy.

Genocide in Gaza: The Evidence

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