Let’s bring democracy to…Canada (Posted 2011)

Systematic sexual assaults against woman protestors The handiwork of Toronto Chief of Police Bill Blair

Now Blair is the Canada’s “Minister of Emergency Preparedness”

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2022 Update: Is anyone surprised by the shit going on in Canada now?

The people of Ontario actually elected this piece of garbage to Parliament. He’s currently “The Minister of Emergency Preparedness” and is President of the Privy Council.

Originally posted 2011

Bill Blair is the Chief of Police of Toronto.

In support of the G20 – you know, the gangsters who’ve destroyed the world financial system and beggared millions in the process – he oversaw an operation which brutalized thousands of citizens of Toronto and from other parts of Canada.

While this episode has been called “the worst violation of citizen rights in Canadian history”, only one police officer has been prosecuted (he was caught on video beating an unarmed man with a club) and somehow Blair who has done nothing but lie and justify his actions and those of his officers maintains his job.

Here’s the entire video:


But Canadians are rising up

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