Major changes to the official Las Vegas timeline

“Pay no attention to the facts”

Watch the FBI handler standing behind the Sheriff

Major changes to the official Las Vegas timeline.

The ridiculousness of the original official story is unraveling.

Now it turns out hotel security knew there was a man firing a gun on the 32nd floor INSIDE the hotel SIX FULL MINUTES before he started shooting out the window.

It also turns out that Paddock was permitted to use the freight elevator, a perk only given to VIP guest.

In the interview we ran yesterday, Steve Wynn, casino owner, implied that this was the case and then backed off it, meaning there are at least two narratives going on: one for insiders and one for the rest of us.

Here’s the news timeline (as delivered by the police)

9:59 – “More than 200 rounds shot were shot into the hallway and the security guard was injured by a ricocheting bullet.”

The security guard who claims he was shot calls security immediately and reports the shooting.

10:05 – The shooting into the crowd begins

10:12 – Two cops make it to the 31st floor after “searching every floor” and say “they hear shooting on the floor above.”

10:15 – The shooting stops

10:55 – Police are still waiting in the stairwell of 32nd floor

11:20 – SWAT team arrives and blows the door of his room

Do you see the HUGE gaps in time?

The gap between the security guard calling in the shooting and police making it to the floor beneath the 32nd floor. Over ten minutes.

The gap between the cessation of the shooting and the SWAT team finally entering the room. Over one hour.

As the commentator points out this makes no sense.

Also, and this is clear from numerous reports – including videos you can see and hear yourself – there was gun fire, some of it sounding automatic – coming from numerous locations.

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