Mexican cartels have MILITARY weapons

Not guns from US gun shops

Gee, the guns just sort of “disappeared”

Any idiot knows that any “aid” you send to a Latin American government is going to end being re-sold (or at least repackaged) by the corrupt governments there.

That big sucking sound you hear is all the guns sent as military aid to Mexico and Latin America at large flowing to the highest bidder which would be the Mexican drug cartels.

So what does Bushbama and his Attorney General Dick Holder do? They concoct a scheme to pin the illicit Mexican arms trade on law abiding gun shops in the border states.

Note: If you’re an anti-gun hysteric, you might want to take a closer look at what the US government is trying to do to the Second Amendment.

(Hey, if people can call 2nd Amendment supporters “gun nuts” I can call the enemies of the 2nd Amendment “anti-gun hysterics.”)

Note: We created a whole channel about this issue so you can educate yourself.

2nd Amendment

Guns are mechanical devices that are dangerous if used incorrectly and live saving when used correctly.

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