“The Pathology of Power”

The forgotten history of the munition industry

Norman Cousins – Recorded in 1987

This video gets off to a slow start, but give it a minute or two.

Interesting story about Cousins…

He wrote a massively important book in 1987 called “The Pathology of Power.” Interestingly, it fell off the map, but the news media went into overdrive promoting his less important books.

One of the great lessons of this book:

After World War I when the world was sick to death of war, the munitions makers got together to make sure that big wars continued. They organized to buy Congress and the media and they made sure that the war mentality was THE mentality.

Some gems:

“War is a double suicide.”

“The fleecing of the American people in the name of security”

“Under the name of security, our security is threatened.”

“What makes you think that the people who can’t be trusted with the wealth of the American people can be trusted with their security.”

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