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This is where we’re at folks, deal with it

When the fraudulent US election system puts McCain in the White House and his health fails, this will be the President of the United States.

That this is even a remote possibility, let alone a probability shows how far the country has sunk.

Comedians try to create satire around this. There’s no need. She’s a comedy routine every time she opens her mouth.

But there’s really nothing funny about it.

Last year, a sixteen year old girl was ridiculed for her muddled answer to a question about world affairs at a beauty pageant.

Now, the powers that be want to put her adult-equivalent in the White House – with a major war in the Middle East raging and a catastrophic collapse of the financial system unfolding.

I ask you, what’s the difference between Palin and this girl other than the fact the girl is not running to be second in line for the presidency of the United States?

Hail to the chief.

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