“Never Get Busted Again”

Brought to you by Barry Cooper – Former drug task force superstar reveals all –

God bless free enterprise and the First Amendment

Barry Cooper was West Texas narcotics interdiction cop for eight years.

Disgusted with the business of busting people for marijuana, he quit the force and made an honest living as an entrepreneur.

After being subjected to numerous harassing arrests, he decided to start a new business: teaching people how to avoid drug arrests.

He gives some fascinating and detailed advice on subjects like:

* How drug dogs work
* How cops cheat with drug dogs
* Where to hide things in your car
* Why you might want to let cops search your car (controversial)
* And lots of lots of surprises about how cops think

Take the time and watch this.

You may need this information someday to transport non-GMP seeds, organic food, books or whatever else the psychos at the top decide to make illegal.

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