No charges, no nothing For Passenger Lists

Amtrak employee took $854,460 in bribes
from DEA for providing customer lists

The drug war at work

Let’s make sure the details of this short video are clear.

1. An employee of federally owned Amtak

2. Took $854,460 in bribes from the DEA for turning over passenger data without permission

3. She was not charged with anything and was allowed to retire (presumably with a big fat federal government pension)

4. The money did not have to be spent because there were legal means to get the same data

5. It appears no one at the DEA is being penalized for giving away nearly $1 million for no reason and in violation of the law

That’s the “War on Drugs” for you. Just multiply it a few thousand times: waste, fraud, criminality – and no one involved faces ny consequences.

Notice that tender feelings of the criminal Amtrak employee were not offended by having her name mentioned in the media.

You try a stunt like this and see what happens to you.

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