Part Three: Why are these Israelis Dancing?

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If you liked Parts One and Two, realize that they were only the warm-up for what’s coming next in Part Three.

In Part Three we go into detail into the most neglected aspect of 9-11 reporting.

It’s getting harder and harder to find the pieces of the puzzle as Google/YouTube either buries results way down the search results listings or censors the info completely.

Lots of much-suppressed info here woven together in a way you’ve never seen before.

NOTE: If you’ve seen the recent Netflix documentary on the investigative reporter Danny Casolaro who was murdered for getting too close to some government truths, we go into ESSENTIAL details the producers left out, either through ignorance or calculation.

Yes, there are connections between his story, 9/11, Iran Contra, the Iraq War, Jefferey Epstein, the Surveillance State, and current horrific events in the Middle East.


Genocide in Gaza: The Evidence

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