Part Two: Why are these Israelis Dancing?

An original Brasscheck Production

From 9/11 to Gaza

Part One

If you saw Part One, I know you can’t wait for Part Two.

What is it about?

Consider that Brasscheck called 9/11 a government/media fraud while the buildings were still burning – in writing – and we gave the reason why later in a video called the “9/11 Solution” that had over 10 million views when those kinds of numbers were rare.

Consider that we called BS – in writing – on COVID on February 1, 2020, gave the reasons why, and predicted it would end in a rushed coronavirus “vaccine”.

I’d say “Why are these Israelis Dancing?” is the most important information we’ve released in 27 years (it’s certainly the best produced).

Watch it in order. So if you missed Part One make sure you see it first. Both are on the page.

Genocide in Gaza: The Evidence

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