Pre-911 version of the TSA

Filmed June 2001

Fed gangsters always looking for a chance to violate the Constitution

I have no idea what the “law” is these days now that the Washington DC gangsters have extended the PATRIOT Act.

Note: This video was filmed in June of 2001 BEFORE 9-11.

At that time, the Federal gangsters were using the “War on Drugs” and the fact that Amtrak was federally owned to search bags of any passengers they didn’t like the looks of.

Note three things:

1. The calm dignity of the protest

2. Passengers of all ages, races and economic backgrounds were listening and embracing the message

3. Federal gangsters when caught on film skulked around like the sub-moron bullies they are

Now, of course, thanks to Michael Chertoff’s PARTIOT Act, the TSA, and Homeland Security, violations of the Fourth Amendment like this and much worse have been institutionalized and are a regular daily occurrence.

We’ve fallen a long, long way in a very short period of time.

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