Remembering Muhammad Ali

“Shoot them for what?”

“Just take me to jail.”

It’s predictable that the news media is going to remember: Ali the athlete… Ali the “character”…maybe Ali the man who endured debilitating illness.

What they won’t talk about was his crystal clear and principled stand against war.

He didn’t run to Canada.

He didn’t go to college and stay there.

He did have his daddy give him a no-show job with the National Guard (George Bush.)

He didn’t pull political strings to get deferments (Dick Cheney.)

He said he wasn’t going to go and why he wouldn’t.

He stood his ground and took the consequences: He had his title taken away, he lost his livelihood, and faced the threat of years of imprisonment.

No, the pro war propaganda system (I mean the news media) doesn’t want to tell that story.

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