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The frauds just keep coming…

Industrial accident treated like “domestic terrorism”

Some of my tweets on this

AT&T knows this. The contractor who built this facility knows and so does the manufacturer who made the security system. My question: Two days later, why don’t the bright boys at the FBI know?

I’m going to time date this thing: 12/27 noon eastern. I can’t be the only person who see this, right? Massive AT&T data center, hydrogen leak in battery room (it happens), automated evacuation alarm, massive explosion focused on data center, flimsy RV parked out front blamed.

Not a conventional weapons engineer, but I know you’re out there. Scenario: 1) fill an office building w hydrogen gas from am accidental leak in the battery room & 2) ignite it. What happens to the eggshell thin frame of an RV parked out front? I’ll wait @Nashvillebomb

By the way, the Petula Clark song report. TOTAL BULLSHIT. Here’s the recording of what happened before the recording. Maybe someone drove by with it blaring that night. Otherwise. BS. Here’s the recording. No music.

No one can Google? “Hydrogen explosion in Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS) battery room. Blew 400 sq foot hole in roof, collapsed walls & ceilings throughout building, significant damage to a large portion of 50,000 sq. building” (2001)

Similar accident:  Massive hydrogen explosion in uninterrutped power supply (UPS) battery room 

An early sky shot you were not supposed to see and the news media is ignoring like it doesn’t exist though they will show you every other possible angle.

The explosion did a great job of EVENLY blowing OUT the entire 1st floor of AT&T – and NOT scratching light colored building right next door.

“No sir, the explosion did not come from inside the building. It came from an RV playing Petula Clark songs parked in the street.”

Note the metal vault covers blown UP from the sidewalk. How does a bomb at street level do that?

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