Special Report: NYC bomber “story”

Part Three

The consequences of US war crimes continue

The NYC bomber story just gets more and more bizarre.

Here’s Part Three where we uncover yet another set of “facts” that make no sense.

Important timeline that needs to be sorted out:

1. The pizza guy was 100% friendly, normal, funny and generous.

2. His brother gets into a hassle with the cops and has to flee the country and goes back to Afghanistan (!)

3. The pizza guy starts going back to Afghanistan himself and comes back as a “scary Muslim” dude.

What do you want to bet there’s some three letter agency missing from this story line between #2 and #3.

How many times does the FBI use legal problems to put pressure on person to become an informant?

Answer: It happens every day of the week.


Here’s the only picture of a person injured in the bombing.


1. He was injured in the front and the back of his body

2. Fortunately the shrapnel hit him only in the torso and avoided below his belt line and above his collar bone

3. Whoever treated him and hooked him up to a drip didn’t think it was necessary to put him in a hospital gown

3. Fortunately, there’s not a spec of blood or debris on his freshly pressed khakis

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