The Alex Jones Jones Switcheroo

Bourdain and Elon Musk in Morocco?

A story that makes no sense.

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I don’t know what to make of Alex Jones.

Believe it or not, there was a time when we were neck and neck on web traffic (in the mid 2000s)

Then something “happened” to my email system and thousands of people were unsubscribed against their will, a problem that continues to this day.

Alex’s operation then went to the moon employing 50 or more people full time.

There is no doubt that he comes up with some good research.

However, when your business model depends on 50 employees and selling nutritional supplements and water purifiers, that creates some distorting pressures.

Here’s why I bring this up:

Immediately after Anthony Bourdain died, Jones started floating the following story:

1. Anthony Bourdain and Elon Musk were best friends

2. They met recently at an advanced solar panel farm in Morocco

3. Something “amazing” was going to come out of that meeting

4. Bourdain was planning to come out in support of Trump

5. Jones says he got all this from a “source” that he prefers to keep private

It takes about two minutes to determine that all of this is BS.

There’s nothing secret about the advanced solar panel farm in Morocco. It appeared in Fortune Magazine in 2016 and Musk has no involvement with it. In fact, solar energy developers in the developing world criticize Musk’s approach.

Further, the ONLY place on the Internet where the names Anthony Bourdain and Elon Musk appear on the same page are Alex Jones’ web sites and sites that copy his content.

Even if this meeting took place, even if Bourdain was planning to do a show around it, how on earth would that lead to Bourdain being killed?

So what is Jones on about?

By floating this story two things are accomplished:

1. It makes anyone who asks questions about Bourdain’s death seem like a buffoon.

2. It takes the attention off the Israeli War Party, their capacity for carrying out assassinations, how it would benefit them to silence Bourdain, and their long record of assassinating civilians they consider a threat to their interests.

To say that Bourdain is “just a chef” is vastly understating the case.

He had the most popular show on all of television in his time slot. He was watched by millions. He was constantly humanizing Israel’s targets – Iranians, Lebanese, Palestinians.

In a psychological war – which this is – Bourdain was the functional equivalent of a four star general. There is no one in the mass media who was doing what he was doing and there is no one to replace him.

Make no mistake: An important voice for humanity and peace in the Middle East has been silenced.

We now know that Bourdain’s body has been cremated – less than one week after his body was found.


1. It has been possible for decades to induce an instant heart attack by chemical means
2. Bourdain had absolutely no security and it would have been very easy to get to him
3. After administering the chemical – by dart or aerosol – it would have been a simple matter to stage Bourdain’s body to appear to be a suicide. The whole thing could have been done in five minutes.
4. The fact that the police examiner says there was no signs of struggle is completely meaningless.
5. The fact that the body has been cremated means there is no way to double check what he died of

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Alex Jones “doesn’t take sides” – unless you criticize Israel or are a Muslim or Palestinian 


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