The Big Picture

Fauci: 36 years of fraud and mismanagement

Under Fauci medical costs have exploded and the health of Americans has collapsed

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is one of the best informed, most articulate authorities on the Big Picture of which Fauci’s current scam is just part of the puzzle.

When Fauci started in his job as the head of the NIH’s Allergies and Infectious Diseases division, chronic autoimmune diseases were a problem for 12.8% of the population. Now they are present in 54% of the population.

The growth has been particularly explosive in children.

Meanwhile, the US spend two times more on medical care than the next most expensive country yet our health barely

We watched an hour long conversation between Kennedy and someone I will called a “CoVid resistance” celebrity

When the other guy finally shut up and let Kennedy speak, a fantastic amount of useful information was shared in a very short period of time, less than seven minutes.

Please share widely.

The whole scam is explained from top to bottom in record time.

Please share widely.

This QUALITY of information is needed now.

If you want to hear more detail, it’s here:

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