The Pharma/Media war against science

Hydroxychloroquine story is just the tip of the iceberg

Another operation by Fauci & Friends

If we use the word “hydroxychloroquine” in an email, it will be blocked.

This report is not a commentary on the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine.

What is true about the drug is that it has been a drug used by hundreds of millions of people for over fifty years.

What also true is that there is a Pharma-funded war against medicine and science – and we’re one of the very few news outlets on the planet that reports on it.

Long before the current medical fraud, we’ve been reporting non-stop on:

* abuses of the drug companies
* news media complicity in said abuses
* news media jackals attacking safe, low cost, effective therapies

All this has come together in the current climate.

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