The rise and fall of Epstein’s “fake” passport

“Move along, nothing to see here”

Hint to the news media: Check the Saudi address of Epstein’s passport

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Around July 16-18, the news media was all aflutter about the “fake” 1980s era passport found in Jefferey Epstein’s safe in “his” NYC mansion.

In fact, Lesley Wexner bought the mansion, renovated it at great expense, added a high tech internal video surveillance system to it and then sold to Epstein for $1 after letting him use is rent-free for years.

But forget that bit of oddness for a moment and notice that as fast as that passport became news, it became non-news and no one has talked about it since.

Except Brasscheck.

More about this than you’ll read in 10,000 articles about Esptein.

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Life runs on logistics and journalists are strangely unimaginative when it comes to thinking through the logistic issues of stories.

Things don’t just happen.

There are detailed steps that have to be carried out in a specific manner and each step involves specific people and organizations that have specific capacities and preexisting relationships.

In Iran Contra, missiles were purchased from Israel for shipment to Iran – and as part of the deal the US promised to replace the missiles the Israelis sold.

The right Israelis had to be approached – Israelis who had the power to say “yes” to arming one of their enemies and make it happen covertly.

And the Israelis had to be paid – and paid lavishly.

Who approached the Israelis and sold them on the deal?

Who financed the deal?

In other words, who put up the money to make the thing happen because the money paid to Israel could not come directly from the US.

The purchase money came from Adnan Khashoggi who then, somehow, got paid back – with lots of profit – by the criminal enterprise that put the deal together.

The Saudis were involved in Iran Contra too. They put up actual cash to support the Contras.

No one asks how that came to happen

“Reagan insisted he did not solicit the funds and said Fahd was the one who brought up the subject of the contras.”
– New York Times.

Who did the front running to educate the Saudis that they could endear themselves to Reagan by giving up some spare change to help him with one of his pet projects?

Khashoggi – and whoever else was running with him at the time.


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