YouTube scared of independent thought

Takes 100 Videos by Prager u off Its Service

Publisher or “common carrier”? They can’t be both

YouTube, which is owned by Google, is against independent thought and puts it in the same category as violent content.

Is Google a privately owned company?

Yes, it is, but Google/YouTube has been granted “common carrier” status which means they can’t be sued for the content they run.

They use this exemption all the time to benefit themselves.

However, when it benefits their POLITICAL agenda, they turn around and act like a publisher, promoting one line of thought while literally erasing others.

Every time they do this, they are violating Section 230 of the Telecommunications Act which requires them to make room for a diversity of opinion. It’s the basis of their common carrier exemption and their immunity to lawsuits over content.

It’s time to take away Google’s common carrier exemption.

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