The strange death of Thomas Merton

January 31, 1915 – December 10, 1968

1968 – King, Kennedy, Merton – All Killed

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In 1968, 16,597 American servicemen were killed in Vietnam. This was 50% more than any other year of the war.

Things were particularly bloody at home too.

Specifically, the country’s top three anti-war leaders, each of whom represented a major demographic segment of the country, were murdered:

1. Martin Luther King – the African-American leader of the Civil Rights Movement
2. Robert F. Kennedy – the most likely presidential candidate for the Democrats in ’68
3. Thomas Merton – the most popular priest at the time in the Catholic Church

Thomas Merton?

Many people think that Thomas Merton was electrocuted by a faulty fan in the bedroom of a retreat center he was staying at in Thailand.

Many people believe in the Easter Bunny too.

Currently, there is NOTHING on YouTube that explains the following five points in a single video:

1. Who Thomas Merton was
2. What he said about the war (and other issues of justice)
3. How respected and influential he was
4. How despised he was by the hierarchy of the Catholic Church and others who were pro-war in 1968
5. The utter preposterousness of the official “story” of how he died

Facts about Merton’s death:

1. No autopsy was conducted
2. The only “official” report did not appear on official stationery and was unsigned
3. A photo exists of the body as it was reportedly found and no one has been allowed to see it or publish it
4. Merton’s body had a head wound with significant blood loss

The last talk of Thomas Merton…later that day he was dead

Heroin sales to US troops – A major CIA cash cow

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