Too poor to purchase freedom

The billion dollar bail bond racket

The more arrests, the higher the profits

The bail bond business in America is now a whopping industry earning $2 billion annually by getting people out of jail for a fee. Meanwhile, the majority of those accused but not tried remain behind bars because they cannot afford to purchase their freedom. This means America has set up a system whereby high risk people with money buy their way out of jail while low risk people without money sit in jail for months awaiting trial.

The US court system is not about justice but instead it operates as a human ‘market’ where bail is set by a judge and thus the fees for the bail bond companies can be tabulated by those who can afford to pay them.

The privatization or commercialization of bail bond companies means the more arrests, the higher the bail bond profits. This is similar to for-profit prisons where the more arrestees there are the greater the profit taking.

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