Top CIA torturer nominated by Trump to run the CIA

Gina Haspel: An animal


“She was just following orders”

Gina Haspel ran the CIA’s first ‘black site’ where kidnapped people not formally charged with specific crimes were tortured for weeks and months on end.

She led the effort to in destroy the evidence of the CIA’s criminal torture program.

But she’s the first woman nominee to run the CIA so everything’s great, right?

The in-your-face cynicism of nominating an animal like Haspel for the top spot at the CIA is really over the top.

Professionals know that torture, in addition to being a crime, is not an effective means of gathering information.

Haspel signed off on torture, personally participated it, ran torture centers and drafted the order to destroy evidence of CIA crimes even after the CIA was ordered by the White House not to do so.

This animal belongs in jail, not employed by tax payers.

And here’s an example of the garbage mainstream media on this person and her nomination:

“Michael Hayden, former National Security Agency director, told US broadcaster NPR on Tuesday, “In all this turmoil, I actually think CIA is going to be a bit of a calm spot with Gina now being elevated to the director position.”

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