Why are real heroes unknown?

Introducing the story of Sophie Scholl

See the movie “Sophie Scholl: The Final Days”

In an era of serial con artists and war criminals in the White House – Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton etc. – you would think that the heroic story of Sophie Scholl standing up to the Nazis would be held up as an example of humanity.

Why isn’t it?

Real heroes were not welcome in Die Neuordnung and they’re not welcome in the New World Order either .

When is that last time you saw a person of character lionized by the media for taking a heroic stand against evil?

Instead we’re served up a non-stop parade of vacant celebrities in an attempt to erase from social consciousness the memory that there is such a thing as human decency in the world.

That’s no accident.


Take away…

A: You didn’t commit any acts of violence
Q: So why do you want to execute us?
A: Because it’s the law

And thus thousands of cops, judges, and troops justify themselves.

Germans who protested the Nazi government and its out-of-control criminality faced execution, in the case of Sophie Scholl, the very day she was found “guilty” of publishing the truth.

What’s going to be our excuse?

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