Treasure hunting and mound excavation in America

A massive national craze over 200 years ago

Excerpts from two Brian Springer films tells the story

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We’ve written in the past about the system of elaborate mound complexes that were up and down the East and Midwest US from New York to Florida and Minnesota to Louisiana.

There were reportedly over 10,000 individual mounds and one of them – still existing near East St. Louis (Cahokia) – is actually, by volume, the largest such structure on earth, bigger than the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

What happened to the rest of them?

Bottom line: Treasure hunting and mound excavation was such a craze in early America that none other than Benjamin Franklin was afraid it would destabilize the economy!

It was such as big issue that the first opera written in America “The Disappointments: Or, The Force of Credulity” was written about it.

How did the early settlers react to the opera?

They burned down the opera house before it could be performed!

The second clip is from Brian’s amazing film “Spin.” According to this tribal spokesman, Cherokees had large cities in the Southeast and were already aware of Christianity BEFORE the settlers arrived and declared them “heathen savages.”

Bet you didn’t learn THIS in history class!

If you are still reading and still pondering and want to get deeper into what is possibly the greatest American history mystery, go here for more and follow this fascinating thread


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