When the US went off the rails

Meet Woodrow Wilson, the ultimate Democratic Party scumbag

An excerpt plus the entire film

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The whole film

Do you think Biden is bad? Obama? The Clintons?

They were nothing compared to this guy.

We’ve talked about this now and again and have finally found a film that covers some, but not all, of the scumbaggery that was the Democratic Party’s Woodrow Wilson.

What came to life under Wilson?

A short list:

  1. The IRS
  2. The Federal Reserve
  3. Unhinged over-the-top official racism
  4. The first draft since Lincoln
  5. Gave J. Edgar Hoover his first federal job
  6. He was in the pocket of industrialists and danced to their tune and drove us into WW I while lying to the public about his true alliances and intentions.

Not included in this film:

His invention of the first totalitarian state controlled by media – which the Nazis and Soviets studied and modeled themselves after. 


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