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Christians for War

An example of the daily on air madness Traitors with a religious tax exemption (This was aired when Obama was President.) Every day US televangelists are on TV telling their Christian viewers that they are “required” to support Israel and that countries like Iran merit total destruction. The problem is tens of millions consume this garbage every day and people with these beliefs constitute the biggest voting block in America. Why are these crooks (Bakker was jailed for a massive financial fraud) given a tax exemption for their broadcasting operations? They’re political propagandists pure and simple. Brasscheck TV needs...

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The work of Mark Lombardi

Another “Enemy of the State” who ‘killed himself’ An artist on a mission Eight months before an idiot son of the Bush crime family “won” election for president… A year before Osama bin Laden became famous for 9-11… Mark Lombardi, who had just achieved a major breakthrough in his career as an artist, reportedly hanged himself in his Brooklyn studio. His art form? Drawing intricately detailed diagrams of the relationship between the Bush family and its allies, the Bin Laden family, and other global criminals. If there are people who commit political murders and then stage them to look...

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The sins again Iraq multiplied

A debasing, despicable act William Rivers Pitt – The invasion of Iraq: “A debasing, despicable act the US may never recover from.” The US invaded a sovereign country based on deliberate lies. Trillions wasted. Millions of civilians killed, injured and lives scarred and upended. Now we’re putting the torture managers in charge of the US government. Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to keep going Donate...

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The NSA Lied Us Into Iraq

The story you never heard Produced by How did this “little” point get lost in the NSA story? The NSA’s JOB is to spy on the communications of our enemies, not to listen to and record your phone calls. Here’s a case where they not only got it massively wrong, it also looks like they remained silent while their “evidence” was used to drive the US into a ruinous war. Did they present false information to the Bush criminals or did they merely sit back and do nothing when that evidence was grossly misrepresented. It hardly matters, does...

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$21 trillion missing from the federal buget

Where did it go? Federal black budgets Professor Mark Skidmore of Michigan State University set out to prove Catherine Austin Fitts and her claims of “missing trillions” and “black budgets” was wrong. Instead, he discovered the hole was even bigger than that. The Army alone had $11.5 trillion missing. Some individual unsupported journal adjustments are SIX TIMES the total annual budget of the Army. A overall 1% error in government budgets is considered “normal.” Theese numbers are astronomical. How can you do a proper evaluation of numbers with figures like this? All spending needs to be a approved by...

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