What happened to this American journalist?

The ‘disappearance’ of Helen Thomas

The price for questioning Israel

Helen Thomas tried to make a simple point about Israel and Palestine and see what happened to her.

There are millions of Jews (religious and non-religious) living happy, productive, secure and in some cases even prosperous lives in the US, the UK, Canada, and elsewhere – so why does a small group of them need to have their own country and more importantly why do these people need to take the land for their country from people who have lived there for generations?

Native Americans were slaughtered by the millions (and US “reservations” were the inspiration for Germany’s concentration camps.) Should they now descend on Oklahoma or New York State with bulldozers, crazed settlers, and thuggish security forces and drive people from their homes to establish their own safety zone?

The concept makes absolutely no sense and many, many Jewish people don’t buy it either (though they are shouted down whenever they try to speak their minds.)

More about the price Helen Thomas paid for speaking her mind.

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