A very strange CoVid coincidence

The Bush Family Wars, AIDS and Fauci

A fairy tale hiding darker agendas

Most people if asked which US presidents were most generous with tax payer money to Fauci and his AIDS “work” will guess Bill Clinton or Barack Obama.


The Bush family, father and son, were Fauci’s primary patrons and opened the money spigot widest for him.

Over 500 billion in research dollars – more than heart disease and diabetes combined – and there is still no vaccine, no legitimate drug treatment, and a theory that is the laughing stock of Nobel Prize winners and scientists of equal stature.

But somehow the gravy train has kept running uninterrupted, so far for 36 years.

We just discovered another very strange twist to this story.

In short, not once, but twice, the Bush Family used “AIDS programs” to front run their involvement in savage and illegal military assaults on civilians first in Panama and Iraq.

As an irony of ironies, as George Bush Jr. expressed his “heartfelt” interest in getting “AIDS treatment” of dubious value to Africa, he and his father – with “unofficial” Bush son Bill Clinton in between – had actively blockaded the people of Iraq from receiving medicines which contributed to the death of approximately 500,000 Iraqi children, as verified in this video by then Secretary of State Madeline Albright.

“We think the price is worth it”

Bush Sr.’s “Operation Justice Cause” in Panama

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