Fauci Frauds explained

The AIDS Fraud

Facui’s nemesis – a real scientist

Fauci Frauds explained

It’s odd that little Brasscheck is the ONLY news outlet that is looking into Fauci’s history.

Oh well, we were the first to call BS on 9-11 too and also stated very clearly “If we try to occupy Iraq, it will be like 1,000 Belfasts.”

Anyway, if we’re going to survive in this crazy world, we’re all going to have to learn a little science.

Don’t worry. It won’t hurt a bit.

He’s a down-to-earth Nobel Prize winner explaining that the great AIDS scam/money pump launched by Fauci and Gallo in the 1980s and fueled by four US presidents (especially the Bush family) was – and still is – a pharma fraud.

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