How medical hysteria is created

How Fauci & Company attacked critics of their original AIDS scheme

The same dynamics are being used today with the CoVid Con

What we are dealing with today is not science or medicine, but the deliberate manufacture of hysteria and cult-like conformity.

This is not an accident.

CoVid today is a replay of the same kind of hysteria and psychological dynamics Fauci & Co. first perfected in the 1980s.


Michael Ellner was a powerful force, from the mid-1980s on, resisting the pharmaceutical paradigm of HIV=AIDS=Death in New York City and globally. He conceived the concept of “The AIDS Zone”, where psychological factors trap victims in the grip of fear where the only salvation is the magical concoctions provided by the pharmaceutical industry, starting with the deadly AZT in 1987. David interviews four of his friends to remember his life and legacy – Celia Farber, Joan Shenton, Barnett “Bud” Weiss and Tom Diferdinando, in time for his birthday on April 10th.

You can listen to the entire interview here.

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