Testing fraud creates hysteria

Instant replay of past scams

The lynch pin of the scam

Keeping track of all the frauds Fauci & Friends are coordinating, is literally a full time job.

Here’s one of the most insidious ones:

“Everyone must get tested.”

Here’s the problem with that…

1. The science of the tests being used is based on flawed (and fraudulent) science

2. The more people get “tested”, the more “cases” get reporters even when the vast majority of “positive” cases have no symptoms at all, or if they are sick it may be allergies, asthma, anxiety, the flu, pneumonia, exposure to toxic aerosols (see

3. The totally unreliable tests are being used to justify quarantining healthy people, compel dangerous treatments including intubation, and keep the economy shut down creating serious injury to many millions of people.

They’ve run this scam before.

It’s the old AIDS scam Fauci and friends perfected 36 years ago that Nobel Prize winner Kary Mullis warned us about.

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