Game over

Time to shut this scam down now

Fauci and the CDC admit it…the whole thing is a fraud

Got it?

What else is there to say?

How about this?

From the CDC’s own website.

“For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned.”

That means 94% of the cases called “CoVid-19” deaths are people who died of multiple causes like diabetes, advanced dementia, stage four cancer etc. and not “just CoVid.”

That means when the CDC, Johns Hopkins and CNN claim “160,000 CoVid deaths”, the real number – by the CDC’s own admission is 6% of 160,000 – or 9,600. A big difference.

If you want to do be able to do rough estimates in your head as they throw future BS death numbers at you, do this: halve the whatever number they give you and divide that number by ten.

For example, if they tell you “160,000 died of CoVid” divide by 2 which gives you 80,000 and then divide by 10 (move decimal point over to the left one) which gives you a rough estimate of 8,000. This is the same as 5%.

If you want to be 100% accurate but still do things in your head just add one more step.

Do this:

Hold the 8,000 rough estimate and then calculate 1% of the original number, in this case 160,000, which is 1,600 – and add that number to the 8,000 to make precisely 6% or 9,600

However you do it, these “official” death numbers are pure fraud by the CDC’s own admission.

Spread the word.

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